Keith will be running a ten-week online course on the aftermath of WWII in Europe – based on his bestselling, award-winning book, Savage Continent.

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Keith Lowe is a writer and historian, whose works have been translated into more than twenty languages worldwide.


His latest book, Naples 1944, is a ground-breaking study of the devastating and unexpected consequences of war.


Naples was the first major city in mainland Europe to be liberated by the Allies, and for almost a year it stood at the epicentre of the war in the Mediterranean. While its people continued to suffer air raids, famine, plague and even volcanic eruptions, the Allies had to stumble their way through a series of political and economic crises that would eventually lay the foundations for Italy’s postwar future.


The story of wartime Naples is central to the history of the war, and Italy’s return to democracy. Based entirely on primary sources, this is the first book in the English language to tell that story in full. It will be published in September 2024.












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