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Pre-publication reviews:
'A graphic and chilling account of the murderous vengeance, terroristic reprisals and ferocious ethnic cleansing that gripped Europe following – and often as a direct continuation of – the Second World War. Keith Lowe’s excellent book paints a little-known and frightening picture of a continent in the embrace of lawlessness, chaos and unconstrained violence'

Ian Kershaw, author of Hitler and The End



'Savage Continent is a powerful and disturbing book, painstakingly researched and written with both authority and an impressive historical sweep.  It is also a timely book that deserves to be read by anyone who wishes to understand the complex nature of Europe and the deep trauma suffered not only during the Second World War but in its chaotic aftermath'

James Holland, author of Fortress Malta and The Battle of Britain




"Deeply harrowing. Moving, measured and provocative. A compelling picture of a continent physically and morally brutalized by slaughter" 
Dominic Sandbrook,Sunday Times


"Essential. A serious account of things we never knew and our fathers would rather forget. Lowe’s transparent prose makes it difficult to look away from a catalogue of horrors . . . you won’t sleep afterwards. Such good history it keeps all the questions boiling in your mind"


"Shocking, touching, very well written"
New Statesman


"Extraordinary, disturbing and powerful"
Daily Mail


"Searingly superb, brilliantly organized and scrupulously researched . . . a major new historical talent has arrived" 
BBC History




"Horrifying. A complex story and Lowe tells it very well" 


"Impressive and heart-rending, powerful" 
Daily Express


"Grimly absorbing, conveys the pity of war and its sorry aftermath with integrity and proper sympathy"
Ian Thomson, Sunday Telegraph, Book of the Week


"Vivid . . . Lowe has a good eye for revealing details"
Daily Telegraph


Financial Times


"Extraordinary, exceptional. Reveals a continent where moral values were often missing and basically lawlessness prevailed for several years" 
Trevor James,The Historian